Translation: Is THAT why it took so long?

I recently bought a "desk set" ("set à bureau"/"bureauset") for my office and, as an acute sufferer from déformation professionnelle, I automatically started reading the multilingual text on the packaging before discarding (er, make that "recycling") it.


Imagine my surprise when I saw the English "equivalent" used to translate "range-documents"/"papierbakje" – the term used was: "WASTEPAPER BIN"!


Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the concept of classement vertical, doesn't it? 

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Art: "Métaphores sculpturales & paraboles picturales"

This is the title of an exhibition of works by quintessentially Belgian artist Patryck de Froidmont currently showing in Brussels. The vernissage last Thursday evening was well-attended, and the ambiance was especially animated as guests savoured the word-plays and humour evident in the titles and the striking originality – and remarkable variety – of the exhibits themselves. Rarely have so many works by a single artist resonated with me so much. Well worth a visit!

Open 8:30–17:30 every day (except weekends and public holidays) until 28 April in the reception hall of Rossel & Cie (publishers of Le Soir) at 120 Rue Royale, 1000 Brussels.
The works are available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds going to Les Oeuvres du Soir. For further details, contact Nathalie Malice at Les Oeuvres du Soir.
Patryck de Froidmont's website is also worth a visit: www.defroidmont.com




Patryck de Froidmont on the opening night of his exhibition. On the wall behind him is one of my personal favourites among the works on show, a picture entitled "Surroyalisme". In the background is a provocative sculptural work incorporating model soldiers in combat, entitled "Il leur manque une case".

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